Perhaps the moment of realisation occurred when she - and what would appear the entire Kardashain Klan - were present when cameras filmed Kourtney hauling baby number two from betwixt her limbs, but the penny's finally dropped with Kim. Her family might just have an issue with oversharing.

A source said: "Kim has secretly been getting embarrassed about how much her family share and there's no way Kanye would allow the intimate moments of their relationship to be filmed. He is happy to be in the background, but he thinks some things should be kept private." Unlike details of what he used as fluffing material when having sex with groupies.

Kim - who married basketball player Kris Humphries in a ridiculous televised ceremony last year, only for the union to fail after just 72 days - is now said to agree with Kanye's vision to market them as a couple rather than be so heavily involved with working alongside her mother and siblings. Market them as a couple. How romantic.

The source added to heat magazine: "Kanye is thinking of their brand as a duo now, rather than her family's. He thinks some of what she's put her name to is tacky and has already advised her to say no to certain things." Like any clothes that compliment her figure, and boots that look like boots, not wavin pipes.

Kanye's influence is thought to have an unsettling effect on Kim's ma/nager Kris Jenner, because she is worried about the repercussions for the rest of her family.

The source said: "The whole empire is based around Kim and it is her celebrity status that drives the brand. For her to turn her back on it would not only be a devastating blow to the family, but most of all to her mum, Kris, too."

Kris, Kim is in her 30s. It's time to give her up for someone else to kontrol. Sure haven't you got a a kouple of teenage daughters you can organise a future sex tape for? See, you can build an empire around them instead. And then they'll have kids you can kontrol too. And so on.