On the most holiest of holidays, it's only fitting that one of the world's most influential souls (you may not like it, but it's true) launch a rake load of new self-inspired emojis, including her head adorned with bunny ears, golden eggs, an assortment of Jesus's, and a fancy looking cross. 

Posting to her website, she said: "It's almost Easter! I want to give you guys a little surprise: new Easter Kimoji! There are over a dozen new Kimoji, including colorful eggs, me in bunny ears and a fun KIMOGIF! Easter is a really big deal in my family and I get super into it. These new Kimoji are seriously soooo cute, I can't deal!!!”

She accompanied the above instagram with: SURPRISE! New free Easter Kimoji's! If you have iOS they will just appear in your keyboard. If you have Android just update the app. Download Kimoji if you don't have it yet! Happy Easter!"

Also referring to Easter, Kourtney Kardashian posted the following to her website: "Easter has always been an important holiday in our family, and I have so many memories with my siblings of getting dressed up and going on Easter egg hunts together. We couldn't wait to see what the Easter bunny brought us. We always started the morning by going to church... Now that I'm a mommy, I love creating new magical memories for my children!”