Whoa, turns out we may have completely underestimated the (evil) genius of one Kardashian after all, as it's reported that fake photos of newborn North West that were being shopped around to media were actually sent by Kim to 'friends' to test which ones she can trust. Paranoid as it is, it is also quite smart.

According to TMZ, six different pictures were sent out to six of Kim's friends, and now that someone has already tried to sell one for a whole heap of money, Kim and Kanye have well and truly stung the betrayer and weak link in their circle of friends. The fake picture looked close enough to what the real baby looks like to fool the would be sellout, but with each questionable friend getting a different photo, they've just ID'd themselves as the biggest frenemy in Hollywood. Good luck getting into anywhere from now on, whoever you are.

Meanwhile US Magazine are reporting that wee Nori came in at a miniscule 4 pounds 15 ounces at birth, which is understandable seeing as she's believed to have arrived five weeks early, and apparently is the spit of Kim with 'her dark hair and some of her features' and is 'tiny and perfect'.