OK, so this is why she married him, an ego maniacal embodiment of Jesus who's fiercely concerned about the whereabouts of the press. That and he's quite fond of the autotuner, which might come in handy. Also he appears to have no idea what Rock 'n Roll stands for...

You may or may not have blanked out the news that Kim released a ditty in 2011 called Jam (Turn it Up). Not many people did (Turn It Up). That hasn't stopped her having another go.

According to a source for The Sun: "Kim has told pals she’s keen to be taken seriously as a vocal artist. She’s started vocal coaching and songwriting lessons and set up meetings with record companies. Kanye will advise on the project, which he’s given his full backing." Only fair considering she's given him hers (apologies for any visuals).

As pointed out by Independent.ie, her last endeavor was for charity, with all proceeds going to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, so something positive did come of it. At the time she said: "There's no album in the works or anything - just one song we did for the show, and a video Hype Williams directed, half of the proceeds we're giving away to a cancer foundation, because The-Dream's and one of my parents passed away from cancer. It's just all having fun - with a good cause."

Ladies and gennelmen, that video. She gives Paris Hilton a run for her money, largely thanks to the added clammy rubber bum close ups... To put it another way, she makes Cheryl Cole sound like Mariah Carey.