It was was billed the celebrity wedding of the year but just how are good old Kimye finding married life? Well, it's a breeze apparently, madly in love, everything's wonderful! Although it would want to be considering they literally just walked down the aisle.

Kim has opened up for the first time about their marriage ('cos she normally is so withdrawn with the media) saying that she feels like 'they'll always be in the honeymoon period". The reality star told the MailOnline; "I try to treat him like it's his birthday every single day. I think we'll always be like that. We always try to make life as fun and enjoyable as possible."

It's okay, we're already grabbing the bucket...

Kim went on to say; "We do travel, and work really hard, when we're together – and even when we're apart, we're always on the phone 24/7 – just trying to make that time as memorable as possible."

When she was asked what the biggest surprise of her wedding day was, Kim said; 'Having Andrea Bocelli sing at our wedding as I’m walking down the aisle. I didn’t even know it was really him. It was so Kanye to have him there. I should have expected that"

"I got up the altar and didn’t even see him standing there. And I turned around when my sisters were helping me fix my veil, and I did a double-take – I thought it was a CD of him singing. He sounded so amazing. And it was really him. I was blown away."

Pifft, bully for you Kimye! CD would have done us grand.