Something called The Instagram Rapture has happened, people, and many a celebrity has been left embarrassed as a result.

Instragram announced recently that it was tracking spam accounts and then getting rid of them. Saying, "When we remove accounts from Instagram that don’t follow our Community Guidelines, you may see a decrease in your follower count. This shouldn’t affect engagement from authentic accounts that like and comment on your posts." So basically inactive accounts that haven't posted very much. 

If that happened on Twitter it'd be even more mortifying we reckon.

Some of the biggest losers, so to speak, were Justin Bieber (dropped 1.6 million) and rapper Ma$e who then deleted his account having gone to around 100,000 followers from an initial 1.6 million. Morto for your Ma for havin' ya. Ma$e.

We're not saying these people bought followers as seems to happen with Twitter and pseudo celebs, but the numbers have dwindled even for big names like Kim Kardashian, who dropped well over a million users, and her sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner who dropped a few hundred thousand each. Ariana Grande lost 1.5 million, while Akon went down to 1.9 million from 4.3 million. Ouch. 

Outlets are also calling this the Instagram Purge. Which is hilarious. Rapture has more of a biblical feel.