Kim Kardashian is notorious for her style whether you like it or not. She's gone through such fashion extremes and has amassed such a following that in 2021, she was recognised on the red carpet with a completely anonymous look, just by dint of it being on her body. Needless to say, she surprises us time and time again with her choices.

Love or hate the Kardashians, they are constantly changing the world; sartorially, at least. Kim Kardashian could have a bird poop on her head and within a week, she could make it fashion. So and so and what's her face down the street would be sporting the scatological look.

It's been a matter of weeks since the announcement of her break-up with 'Saturday Night Live' funny man Pete Davidson, and it seems like she's got a new, kinda funny look to go along with it.

We were honestly and thoroughly shocked seeing Kardashian sport the bleached brow look for Interview Magazine — and it seems like we're not the only ones.

Kardashian debuted the look on her Instagram page earlier today with the caption "Interview Magazine 🇺🇸 September 2022: American Dream Issue". The post contains a carousel of images in which Kardashian sports a choppier, shorter blonde hair look and some cheeky behind the scenes moments from the photo shoot.

In the comments section, some of her followers liken her to Jeffrey Star and Lady Gaga while others claim "This looks nothing like Kim I didn’t even recognize her until I read the caption".

Well... what do you think of the new look?