Celebrities really can't win. They post photos of their children, they get grief. They don't post photos of their kids, they get grief. I suppose, the key is consistency, and Kim has consistently had North in the spotlight, so when she had her kropped out of a pic she posted yesterday, twitter lost the plot - in a "SHE CROPPED HER OWN CHILD OUT OF A PICTURE" and "why you gotta do north like that" kind of way.

By way of defense, Kim said she cropped North out of the photo because her "eyes were closed." That bit of her eye there doesn't look closed, but that's not the point - Kim has every right to crop her child out of a twitter pic if she's "feeling" her "look". Why she would go to the bother when her "look" is pretty much the same in every photo she's ever appeared in ever is another matter.