Although they denied rumours that they had already become parents for the fourth time earlier this week, it seems that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's new addition is imminent.

News of the celebrity couple's new baby - which, like their last child Chicago, is being carried via a surrogate - broke several months ago. Now, Kim's sister Kourtney revealed on yesterday's 'The Ellen Show' that the birth was underway.

Ellen DeGeneres surprised her guest Kris Jenner with an appearance from six of her grandchildren, as well as Kourtney. She said that Kim was also "meant to be here", before Kourtney claimed: "So, my mom doesn’t even know this, but Kim’s surrogate went into labour. So she’s at the hospital."

The show aired yesterday, which means that there may already be a new Kardashian-West sprog - expected to be a boy - in the world.

Watch the clip from 'The Ellen Show' below: