Yes, you read that headline correctly.

North Korean despot and owner of the World's Worst Hipster Haircut Kim Jong-Un is reportedly dying because he is addicted to Elemental cheese.

Jong-Un studied in Switzerland during his teenager years, however it's unknown if he developed a taste for the hole-riddled cheese there or when he became ruler of North Korea.

According to sources who have fled the Communist dictatorship, Jong-Un is ballooning in weight and is even walking with a limp.

In North Korean culture, being fat and overweight is considered a sign of wealth and good luck, hence why it's believed that Jong-Un is bulking up on weight for that very reason.

Others believe it's so that he can look more like his grandfather and found of North Korea, Kim Il-Sung.

We could all be wrong and maybe Jong-Un is bulking up so he can start his weight-lifting career and fight Obama in a one-on-one battle royale like he's always going on about.

Or maybe not.


via NYDailyNews