Kim Jong-Un was back in the public eye this week as he delivered his New Year's speech to the nation, and he has made a few headlines as a result.

While the content of the speech, in which he stated that he would be open to high-level talks with South Korea, was pretty important, most people have been concentrating on the really vital facts: Kim Jong-Un seems to have gone a bit mad on the eyebrow plucking.

On the website South China Morning Post in an article accompanied by a terrible pun ("Brow you see them..."), the shrinking brows were pointed out and compared to some earlier shots of the leader as he gave his annual speech in years gone by.

Pic via SMCP

While there has been no word from Kim himself on whether or not he got the tweezers out, the pictorial evidence does seem to show that there was a bit of hair missing as he gave his speech the other day. Either that, or his face is growing independent of his eyebrows. Can that happen? Tweet us in if you're an eyebrow doctor, and only if you're an eyebrow doctor.