The beloved great leader is back, panic over, so you can cool it with all that coup carry on. 

With Kim Jong-Un out of the public eye in recent weeks, rumours had started to circulate that he had actually fallen out of power, that he was addicted to Swiss cheese, and had become so fat as a result that he fractured his ankles

Obviously concerned with the publicity that his 40-day absence had brought about in the world's media and the instability reported, the North Korean leader reappeared in public today, and while he was walking with a slight limp and using a cane (perhaps something to do with those ankle troubles), he otherwise appeared to be in high spirits.

As Steve Evans of the BBC reports, however, it's always important to take anything officially released by the North Korean government with a pinch of salt, and these pictures could be doctored in some way. If they're not, then the question of where he's been still remains to be answered, but we wouldn't hold our breath there either. 

Photo via Rodong Sinmun

According to NPR, the Korea Herald reports that the visit was to a "newly built residential district for satellite engineers and a new energy research institute", and that he has lost some weight during his prolonged period out of public view.