It's been a strange few weeks for Kim Jong-un, as the latest reports from North Korea suggest he's no longer in control of the country at all. 

First, it turns out he's eaten so much cheese that it became a life-threatening addiction, then he got so fat that he fractured his own ankles, and now it seems that he's lost control of the country.

According to what Vice are reporting, Jang Jin-sung, a former senior North Korean official who worked as part of the the previous leader's propaganda machine, has said that the Organization and Guidance Department (OGD) have stopped taking orders from Kim Jong-un. 

The OGD answered only to Kim Jong-il and are extremely powerful and have "effectively taken control of the country", with factions within them arguing over keeping a strict reign over the economy, or opening up slightly to get more money through foreign trade. 

Jang asserted that the country may well be on the brink of a civil war as a result of this divide in a speech given in the Netherlands last month to a group of former North Korean officials and senior diplomats. 

Kim Jong-un has been out of the limelight recently and was not seen at the Supreme People's Assembly, an event which the leader normally always attends. The reason for his absence was cited as the aforementioned injury to his ankles that saw him hospitalised, and instead he was shown in a video touring a military base with a heavy limp. 

However, there were rumours earlier this week on China's social network, Weibo, claiming that a coup had already taken place, although they were later denied, while Jang claims that the OGD is control and Kim Jong-un is a mere puppet leader. Either way, things are getting even weirder over there, and we may not know the truth for a while yet.

You can check out some full details on the story on Vice News, where Jang gave an exclusive interview on what was going on inside the secretive country.