Kim Cattrall has responded to co-star Sarah Jessica Parker’s suggestion that Ellen DeGeneres play her Sex and the City character Samantha if a third Sex and the City movie goes ahead.

Sarah Jessica Parker appeared on The Ellen Show last week and the question of the much anticipated but unconfirmed sequel, which Cattrall has expressed she doesn’t want to be involved with, came up.

Parker said that for now, she doesn't know if Sex and the City 3 will happen but if it does, the question of whether or not the character of Samantha will feature is up in the air. She joked that Ellen could play her if it goes ahead.

Kim Cattrall previously said that she "played it past the finish line and then some" in her role of Samantha, adding "I loved it and another actress should play it. Maybe they could make it an African-American Samantha Jones or a Hispanic Samantha Jones, or bring in another character."

Her latest comments on the matter, which she made via Twitter last weekend, act as a follow-up statement to this as well as to Parker’s appearance on Ellen:


Personally, we think Oprah Winfrey might be shooting a little too high (and is she really a Samantha?) but Girls Trip star Tiffany Haddish or Sofia Vergara are definitely great shouts!