After 9 months, Kim and Pete have called a quits on their star-crossed and dazzling love affair as Mr Funny and the biggest name on the planet. Naturally, the news has been catnip for people with Twitter accounts and we all have *several* questions on our lips, but mainly: what about all his Kim tattoos?

No more ambiguous tattoos that look like Kim's children's initials. No more smooching videos. No more putting toothpaste on each other's pimples. No more glitches in the simulation. Kim and Pete's unlikely love is no more — what remains of their time together has become viral tweet fodder. Duh.

Some people are sending in their condolences.

Others... not so much.

The conspiracies are flying in.

What will he do with all of those tattoos?

Speculation over Pete's next potential love interested is... intersting.

And people hope we may be getting a 'Kimye' reunion.

How do you feel about the 'Kete' split?