As much as people go on about the rampant commercialism of Christmas, there's no doubt that it's a nice feeling to receive a gift that has had thought and love put into it.

And arguably, it's an even nicer feeling to find the perfect gift for a loved one that you just know they're going to appreciate.

Well, if you were feeling pleased about the fact that you nailed that rare bottle of whiskey for your dad or foot massager for your mum this Christmas, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West might put a small dent in your pride.

The celebrity couple splashed out on pressies for their eldest daughter North, who is apparently a big Michael Jackson fan, this year. Instead of his back catalogue or maybe a live DVD, however, they purchased a jacket worn by the controversial pop star in 1997.

The jacket was bought at auction and cost more than $65,000.

They also bought the 6-year-old the white fedora hat worn by Jackson in the 'Smooth Criminal' video, which Kardashian pointed out 'still has his make-up on it'. The hat reportedly cost around the same price as the jacket.

And as if that wasn't enough, Kim Kardashian also splashed the cash on a unique pressie for her brother Rob, who is a huge Elvis Presley fan.

She bought him two gold rings once owned by The King, which cost $15,000.

Those memory foam slippers from Auntie Joan don't seem quite as comfy anymore, eh?