According to Variety, Val Kilmer will provide the voice of Kitt in the remake of the 1980s series Knight Rider. That's fitting work for him considering he's kind've let himself go. Completely. Val wasn't the first choice, either. Arrested Development's Gob, AKA Will Arnett, was originally in line for the role but was forced to forgo the film due to Ford's sponsorship. Arnett told Variety he had been "very excited" about voicing the part of Kitt, which he had already recorded. "However, because of a long relationship with General Motors as the voice of GMC Trucks, I had to respectfully withdraw from the project," he added. But back to the once sublime Mr. Kilmer. Just to put into perspective how hard up for work he is - this is a "made for TV" remake and is due to air only on NBC on February 17th.  The Hoff, of course, has a cameo.