Kilkenny City looks to be the first on the list as locations around Ireland go all fibre optic on us. 

Internet provider enet is looking to go big or go home, as they say, as they're planning on bringing fibre optic speeds to Kilkenny City so that business there can enjoy speeds of around 250mbps. 

The plan is called 'Fibre To The Business', and would make Kilkenny Ireland's first fibre optic city, with construction scheduled for completion in June of this year. 

The new system will replace the out-of-date copper system, which isn't as quick or efficient as fibre optic cables, and can guarantee fast speeds rather than offering top speeds that can only be achieved on a full moon when everyone else isn't online at 3:35am, Tuesday, the 34th of Smarch. John Hurley, CEO, Kilkenny Chamber of Commerce said that the move would reaffirm Kilkenny as great location to base a business, while enet CEO Conal Henry said that the move will mean that "every business can finally get broadband from a broadband network".

Via Silicon Republic. Main pic via Wikipedia