As far as 'giving birth' scenarios go, this one is far from ideal.

There's a new member of the next generation of the Kardashians, after Khloe has welcomed a baby girl.

Kris Jenner appeared to confirm the news with a post on Twitter.

However, the father of her new child - Cleveland Cavaliers basketball player Tristan Thompson - has been embroiled in a cheating scandal in recent days, after he was allegedly spotted kissing a woman in a New York bar at the weekend.

Further unsubstantiated reports have surfaced suggesting that Thompson has enjoyed the company of other women throughout her pregnancy.

According to PEOPLE, Khloe is "already moving past the infidelity, with a "Kardashian family source" (hi, Kris) saying: “Khloé is feeling nothing but happiness right now. She is head over heels in love with her little girl—she is just consumed with love. Absolutely nothing else matters."

"She’s so incredibly happy that her baby is here, that she is big and strong and healthy and beautiful, and so right now Khloé truly has no other cares in the world. She isn’t even mad at Tristan right now.”

“She’s basically already forgiven him,” the 'source' added. “She is in a bubble of love and peace and happiness right now, and everything that happened with Tristan is less about ‘cheating’ and more like, it was just a random drunken hookup that meant nothing and was kissing at most and didn’t lead to anything else and was the fault of stupid groupies trying to trap him, and everybody just needs to move on.”

Khloe Kardashian was previously married to NBA player Lamar Odom. Her younger half-sister Kylie Jenner also gave birth to a baby girl, Stormi, in February.


We are ready whenever you are little mama 🦋

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