And believe it or not, those aren't even the worst ones.

According to Metro and The Baby Centre in the UK, popular names for newborns in 2016 range from those of places and brands to famous actors and fictional characters and on the whole they're all pretty dire.

Take for instance some of the girls' names such as Khalessi, which is straight out of Game of Thrones and not exactly something you want to be screaming down the street telling them to get in for dinner; Electra, which really should googled by any expecting mothers and fathers unfamiliar with classical text; Halo, just no; and Queenie, if you hate your offspring.

As for the boys, the choices there aren't much better with Otto, a stoner hippie bus driver name; Cairo, you know, the capital of Egypt; Kit, after Kit Harrington from Game of Thrones; Aspen, which would just get you done for cruelty to children for the amount of bullying the boy will get; and Lucian, perfect for giving your child a variety of complexes.

The top 30 list via Metro is below but, fair warning, the majority of these will probably enrage you.