Can they not just leave well enough alone? Or failing that, just leave the awful stuff as bad as it already was, and not somehow make it worse?

Obviously not, as KFC now offer its customers in China the option of Pink and Black burger buns on their two latest creations. The 'Rose cheese chicken leg roasted burger'(pink) and the Black diamond bacon spicy chicken leg burger(black) have been given these fairly wild colourings, more than likely in response to the red bun Burger King brought out in Japan last month, or the black burger buns McDonald's and Burger King had there last year too.

Are people not just happy with bread? There's only two variations on a bun that we're willing to see, either slightly burnt if it's been toasted for too long, or a little hard in the middle because it's not done defrosting. You know, like regular human beings.

Even if for some reason you were actually intrigued by the burger(we won't lecture you, we'll let your taste buds do that) you'd have a serious Falling Down moment when the food actually arrives. Does that this looks like the thing on the poster?


Pink Burger!! ðŸ˜ÂÂ?🌸ðŸÂÂ?” #pink #burger #pinkburger #kfc #china #shenzhen #foodies #yummy #unique #socute

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