It's been confirmed that Kevin Spacey is now under investigation for six separate allegations of sexual assault in London by Scotland Yard.

The disgraced actor, who has not been seen publicly since allegations of misconduct by 'Star Trek: Discovery' star Kevin Rapp, is also the subject of other investigations in Los Angeles and Connecticut on similar grounds. Richard Dreyfuss' son came forward with an accusation against Spacey last year.

The reports, which were originally posted by TMZ and confirmed by Deadline, claim that Spacey is being investigated for one incident that took place in 1996, another in 2008 and the third in 2013. Three investigations are already open against Spacey, one also from 2008, and two from 2005.

Just yesterday, Guy Pearce admitted in a public interview that he had a "slightly difficult time with Kevin," and called him a "handsy guy." As it stands, the six investigations by Scotland Yard are being handled by the Child Abuse and Sexual Offences Command.

Spacey has made no statement so far.