In a fine example of fact being stranger than fiction, 46-year-old Michael Le Vell - who's been playing Corrie's Kevin Webster for nearly 30 years - has been arrested "on suspicion of sexually abusing a schoolgirl."

The Sun reports: "Le Vell - who has played Weatherfield's love rat for 28 years - was taken to a police station after being arrested at his luxury home. After the quiz he was freed on bail until next month while detectives continue their inquiries. The Sun understands he has gone into hiding to plan a vigorous defence with his legal team. A source close to the case said Le Vell had been 'hit for six' by the allegation. The source added: 'Michael's world has fallen apart. He can't believe what is happening to him and is going through a private hell (or a not so private hell in this case). He is renowned for being a quiet family man and does not lead a celebrity lifestyle. At the time Kevin's screen wife Sally was diagnosed with breast cancer. And Le Vell said: 'If Sally's cancer doesn't end the affair and Kevin has no remorse towards her, then I'm leaving because I can't be putting up with it. If he carries on with Molly he doesn't deserve to be in the family unit. It's as simple as that.' In 2008 Le Vell told how he felt 'shocked' while looking at photos of actress Helen Flanagan, who plays his screen daughter Rosie, in raunchy underwear. The star, whose niece Jackie Greene famously won £10million on the Lottery in 1996, said: 'I couldn't believe it when I saw those pictures of Helen. In every paper she was staring back at you wearing that basque and knickers. I felt perverted looking at them. I've known her since she was a small child.' Police said last night: 'A 46-year-old man from Hale has been arrested on suspicion of a historic sexual offence. He has been bailed pending inquiries'."

Le Vell isn't the only Corrie cast member to be rocked by scandal - Craig Charles lived in a crack den filled with jars of his own "essence", before making an idiot out of himself in a village. And yet he still has a job being a plot line conduit - who just hangs around providing the viewer with handy recaps of past events while propping up the bar in the Rovers, or the Street Cars switch board. A modern day Ken Barlow, if you will.