Comedian Kevin Hart is expected to make a full recovery following a horrific car crash over the weekend.

Speaking to TMZ just outside of the hospital, Hart's wife, Enniko Parrish, said that he was "fine, awake" and that he's expected to make a full recovery following surgery. Hart was a passenger in a vintage car that went off an embankment in Malibu Hills in California, with both Hart and the driver suffering major back issues.

The car, a 1970 Plymouth Barracuda, was bought by Hart as a 40th birthday present to himself and posted images of the car on his Instagram three months ago. The driver of the car, Jared Black, was examined by California Highway Patrol following the crash and was determined to be not under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Since news of Johnson's crash spread, fellow actors such as Terry Crews, Dwayne Johnson, Bryan Cranston and more have offered support and wishes to Hart for a speedy recovery.

According to TMZ's reports, the comedian was able to walk away from the accident with the help of a bodyguard and then later went under surgery Sunday evening, after ambulances brought him, the driver and another passenger in the car to a nearby hospital.