If there's ever a case of things coming full circle for someone, this is definitely one of them.

On last night's episode of Jimmy Kimmel, Kevin Hart was on to promote his upcoming comedy 'Night School', which co-stars Tiffany Haddish as a ball-busting teacher who's out to ensure Hart passes his GED by any means necessary. Haddish and Hart, as it turns out, have something of a shared past that he went into with Kimmel.

As he tells it, Haddish was working as a stand-up comedian but wasn't having much luck and - as Hart later found out - was actually homeless. "I knew Tiffany when Tiffany was homeless, Tiffany was living out of her car. Nobody knew, she was trying to keep it a secret," explained Hart.

Hart told how he gave her whatever money he had on his person and now, however many years later, she's now starring alongside him in his latest film and her career's in full ascendancy. So, yeah, it all worked out in the end for everyone.

'Night School' arrives in Irish cinemas on September 28th.