There's always someone you don't want leaping to your defence. Enter Kerry Katona wading into the Stacey Solomon caught smoking at 7 months scenario.

Did Kerry come to her aid during an interview? No, she decided to add her two cents via her column in OK magazine. Because Kerry Katona's got a column. In OK magazine.

The reality TV enthusiast also lit up while expecting all her her kids Molly, now 10, Lilly-Sue, nine, Heidi, five, and three-year-old Max and thinks it would have caused more stress to quit the habit. Because her doting doctor told her so.

Kerry "wrote": "I got the same criticism Stacey got (because you were doing it on your reality TV show). I smoked during pregnancy, two to three a day. My doctor said, 'If it's stressing you out don't panic, because smoking isn't as harmful as stress'. Let's be honest, Stacey's smoking Silk Cut - it's not even a real cigarette."

What sterling advice. Again, this is via a column in OK magazine.