In some news that will make viewers of her MTV reality show writhe in disbelief, Kerry Katona has slammed Victoria Beckham as "having issues". The inexplicable media beacon was writing in her "journal" for OK magazine and said "Victoria Beckham is doing my head in because she seems to get a new best friend every week." Evidently, in "Kerry’s world" folk aren’t allowed more than one chum. She then added  "One minute it's Cheryl Cole, then it's Katie Holmes, then J. Lo and now it's Kate Beckinsale. I think people who flit from one friendship to another on a daily basis have issues." Hilariously, the walking, talking, jiggling expletive spewing head-case then took a shot at Posh over her apparent falling out with her sister saying "I read something about Victoria falling out with her sister. In my opinion she should be concentrating on her family rather than making new friends." Of course Kerry, being that your Mother is a self-confessed crackhead, your ex-husband doing everything he can to get his kids away from you, and your current husband a verbally abusive philandering hoodrat, you are in a fantastic position to comment. Your TV show is less like car crash television, and more like multistory carpark collapses onto itself television. Granted, Posh is barely a mole on buttock of this celebrity worshipping society, but you’re like a pimple that screams every time you try to burst it.