Late last year, Kenyan athlete Eluid Too won the Dublin Marathon, and having been coached by Irishman Neil Fleming, it was an important victory for him personally and professionally.

After his win, he popped by the Second Captains studio to chat to the guys there about what the win would mean for him, and they were stunned by the fact that the prize money would go so far in helping him buy land and build a home for his family.

Neil Fleming, Second Captains' Eoin McDevitt and Eluid Too, pictured at the recording of the interview via Second Catpains

Having discussed with them what his plans were upon his return to Kenya, Eluid was keen to show the Second Captains crew what he had achieved in the few short months since his win, and sent them back a video diary, welcoming them to his home and showing them around a bit. Casually, he drops into the middle of the video the fact that he has named his new cattle after two of the show's presenters, Ciaran Murphy and Ken Early.

Presenter Eoin McDevitt is said to be only slightly miffed at this snub, but the team as a whole said that it is "the greatest honour ever bestowed on Second Captains", and that Eluid is their new favourite athlete. Here's the interview from last year, in case you happened to miss it.

Via Second Captains