You'll recall how, just a few short months ago, the world joined together in universal shock, sarcasm and general "what were you thinking?" feelings at Kendall Jenner and Pepsi over an advertisement that tried to use protest imagery to shift a few fizzy drinks.

The resultant firestorm saw the advert pulled by Pepsi, with Kendall Jenner staying quiet about the whole thing and allowing her family members to step out into the limelight to answer questions on her behalf.

Well, because the Kardashians are a media brand and you always save your content for when it'll reach the largest audience, Kendall is now speaking out about the whole thing - on the latest season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, no less.

A quick shot of Kendall in the latest trailer for the series shows Kendall remarking that she feels like her "life is over," to which Kim replies that she "made a mistake." Good to know that Kim is like every sibling on the planet and points out the obvious to you.

Here's the trailer. The tiny-violin playing begins at the eighteen second mark, if you wanna cut down your exposure.

So, let's check in on Twitter for a reaction and see how her first public comments on the Pepsi is going down.