Ooooh gurl, it looks like Kelly Rowland has finally gotten sick of being in Beyoncé's shadow is coming out and telling everyone how it feels to be the forgotten number two.

Rowland's new song 'Dirty Laundry' off her latest album 'Talk A Good Game' is literally that, with Kelly airing all of her dirty business in lyrical form, waxing about how it feels to be the Jan Brady to Beyoncé's Marcia. And there's no way she's talking about anybody else here because these lyrics are pretty explicit and obvious.

When my sister was on stage killin' it like a (expletive)/ I was enraged, feelin' it like a (expletive)/ Bird in a cage/ You would never know what I was dealin' with/ Went our separate ways but I was happy she was killin' it/ Bittersweet she was up, I was down/ No lie, I feel good for her but what do I do now? ... Post-Survivor, she on fire/ Who wanna hear my (expletive)

Basically it ain't easy watching Beyoncé be Beyoncé for Kelly. Heads up Kelly, it ain't easy for nobody but we got over it and just enjoy watching her. And at least you're not poor Michelle, the Cindy of the group who can't even handle stage entrances calmly.

Never forget.