From heated and thought-provoking political debate with Ben Affleck, to Kelly Osbourne being hit in the face with a poo bomb - we've gots it all here, folks!

The Fashion Police host confessed she had had - quite literally - a 's**t day' on Twitter last night (05.10.14) as she shared news of the crappy (apologies) incident with her 3.8 million followers.

And it seems Kelly's day only got worse after she accidentally scooped up her car keys in a bag of dog poo while clearing up after her bulldog Willy

Unfortunately Kelly wasn't forth coming with more details regarding just how, or who, hit her in the face with a used "dipper" (it was probably her mother Sharon, what with her penchant for reportedly sending her children's poo in a box to people she didn't like in the 80s).

The incident adds to a long list of toilet troubles for Kelly - who is set to celebrate her landmark 30th birthday on October 27th - after she was left red-faced when she accidentally walked in on her crush while he was on the toilet last week.

Again, no details regarding who was doing the poo. DETAILS, KELLY, DETAILS.