*sighs* So Kelly Osbourne has completed her THIRD visit to rehab and has been speaking about her substance abuse problem.
Right, I know she might have a problem, but maybe she should go on a pilgrimage or something as it's clear that rehab's not doing the job. You know, appeal to the big guy upstairs and find your faith Kelly? Seemed to work for Shane Lynch a while ago!

Speaking to People's Magazine, the daughter of over the top old man Ozzy Osbourne, said that if she didn't get help, she would have died. "I'm getting a second chance at my career and I want to be present for it". What career is this she speaks about?
Ah, I wonder if she's talking about the new variety show titled 'Osbournes Reloaded' that FOX will be showing  at the end of the month? Woopdy Do!

Do we even care? And what's the deal with her fella's hair?

-Alicia Coyle

(Sheena McGinley is away)