MTV - the channel which spawned reality television as we know it today, and has therefore sampled the bottoms of many a barrel talent wise *waves at Kerry Katona*, are referring to Kelly Osbourne as "TV Gold". Seemingly this is enough reason to hand her her very own show, alongside her (very pretty and therefore popular with all sorts) hubbie to be, Luke Worrell.

A "show insider" said: "Kelly is TV gold. We've been wanting to do something with her for ages. MTV viewers know her well from her time on The Osbournes with the rest of her family so we know they'll watch in droves. She is just the type of person we want on our channel - she's young, smart and knows how to party. And obviously we're hoping to get the rest of her madcap family will get involved with the programme."

I love the "knows how to party" tag. She might have the odd issue with the partying considering she's been in rehab twice. However, if MTV are looking for yet more footage of Kelly prostrate over a toilet, unleashing the contents of her stomach, I'm sure that can be arranged.