BREAKING NEWS! Kelly Brook is single again. Form an orderly queue, lads. But this also means Thom is single. So, given that they're both rather gifted in the looks department, we guess there'll be queues forming left right and centre around this pair's abode. What caused the split? It was appears it was a case of the Ex in this instance. Yep, rugby hunk Thom is said to have gotten more than a little green-eyed when Kelly had made re-occuring plans to meet up with former BF Danny Cipriani.

We're not half surprised really; when you break up with an ex, you really ought to put a lid on it. If you're happy in the relationship you have now moved on to, there should be no need to go hanging out with former flames. What is there to be gained? Friendship? Surely she has enough friends. As Harry from When Harry Met Sally aptly pointed out, men and women can never be friends without one of them feeling some kind of non-platonic stirrings. There are certainly exceptions to this rule but this is one stipulation that has to apply where ex lovers are concerned. Right?

A source close to Kelly has said to The Sun that "Kelly never stopped loving Danny... Even though there was nothing going on while she and Thom were together, Thom hated the fact she was seeing him and Kelly refused to end their meetings... After one row too many the pair decided to end things. She's been leaning on Danny since the break-up and, while she's devastated, she knows it’s for the best."

Kelly met Thom in a nightclub in November 2010, shortly after her split from Capriani. So if it hasn't worked out with Billy Zane, Matthew Morrison (of Glee fame) Jason Statham, Danny Cipriani and now Thom Evans, who will be the one to make Kelly's dreams come true?