Keith Barry's not a happy camper. The magician took to Facebook yesterday afternoon to rant about Cork station RedFM cancelling his planned in-person appearance on Neil Prendeville's show. According to Barry, the show's host refused to speak to Barry and told him via a producer that his slot had been cut because Barry had appeared on rival station 96FM earlier that day.

Barry says he'd spent hours developing new demonstrations for both shows and said that 96FM had not asked him to appear exclusively on their station. Barry went on to say that he was texting his friends in showbiz to warn them off appearing on Neil Prendville's show and that he'd never "met such unprofessionalism" in his career.

Barry even got a dig in about Prendeville's unfortunate incident involving painkillers and a flight to London, saying that he'd "supported Prendeville" during that difficult period. Prendeville's production team said that the issue would be addressed on Monday's show.

3... 2... 1.... FIGHT!