Have you ever wondered why Keira Knightley wears that questionably fashionable denim hat on 'Love Actually'? Well, we've finally found out why.

Appearing on 'The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon' recently, Keira Knightley spoke to the host about her and musician husband James' daughter Edie, and her obsession with kid's TV show 'Paw Patrol.'

Knightley also managed to keep us enthralled by playing her teeth. First giving us a rendition of 'Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head,' she then moved onto a more contemporary release, 'Despacito'.

However, the biggest scoop from her interview with Fallon was when she spoke about her two weeks of working on 'Love Actually'. Just 17 at the time of filming, the actress had a spot of bother on the morning of shooting that scene with Andrew Lincoln, and the reason why she wore that denim hat now makes complete sense.

Here's the full interview with Knightley below.


Turns out Knightley talked about her nasty spot with BBC Radio 1 a few weeks ago, on Valentine's Day of all days.