When you're raising a child, what they watch and what they listen to is as important as what they eat - and with Keira Knightley being a mother, it makes sense that she's got a few ground rules for her three-year old daughter.

As she explained on the latest episode of 'Ellen', Knightley has a strict ban in her household on 'The Little Mermaid' and 'Cinderella' because neither one of them have a particularly progressive message for women. 'Cinderella', according to Knightley, is banned because "she waits around for a rich guy to rescue her. Don't. Rescue yourself, obviously."

It's the same bit with 'The Little Mermaid', as Knightley explains that Ariel gives her up voice to please a man. "I mean, the songs are great - but do not give your voice up for a man. But, 'The Little Mermaid', I love that one, but it's a tricky one and I'm sticking to it."

Now, this might be a bit of story in and of itself, but Knightley explains all of this while she's in the middle of promoting another Disney movie, 'The Nutcracker And The Four Realms', which just adds another layer to it altogether.

Take a look and see for yourself.