Keanu Reeves, as well as being an ageless being and one of the nicest people in Hollywood (we met him, it's really true), is a notoriously private person.

In fact, he's so private that Reeves has never been seen with a girlfriend in literal decades. All that changed last night, however, when Reeves was photographed on the red carpet holding hands and doing general celebrity couple stuff with artist Alexandra Grant.

Grant, who is a visual artist working in Los Angeles and known for exchanging with writers and poets for inspiration in her sculptures, paintings and drawings, attended LACMA’s Art + Film Gala with Reeves in tow.

By all accounts, it seems Reeves and Grant have been together as boyfriend / girlfriend for some time but only gone public with it now. Looking at Grant's Instagram account, there are photos of her and Reeves from 2016. In fact, Grant and Reeves collaborated on a art book back in 2011. She even did a photography book called 'Shadows', which consisted of shadows of Reeves on the set of 'John Wick'.

Here's a few of the photos that have circulated on Twitter of the couple since the news broke. Good for him, and good for her. They all deserve it.