We'll address why he's being blanked by Adam Rickitt, Bert off Sesame Street and Dane Bowers in a minute, but first this is how he came out to Now Magazine (via Attitude)

"Part of me is almost embarrassed it’s taken me so long to publicly say I’m gay. Here I am, aged 36, coming out - what am I doing? I’ve never come out publicly because no one’s ever asked! It’s become this huge elephant in the room... When I was involved in my first relationship with a guy, I told my sister Angela at her 40th birthday party. We were doing the can-can and I just said: ‘Oh, by the way, I’m gay!’"

In case you're still wondering who Kavana is, this will definitely spark some memories. Forgive the person who uploaded it to YouTube, they're very slow at typing. We could've gone with the video, but this still is so much better. That and it makes the late 90s look like the early 80s.

Kavana is in the news of late because he's part of ITV2's Big Reunion (currently airing on Thursdays at 9pm). As has become customary, it involves a load of folk who were once famous trying to relaunch their careers by reminding us why we forgot about them in the first place. Makes a change from them trying to maim themselves on compacted snow.

Also partaking in the "supergroup" are Dane Bowers, Adam Rickitt, Kenzie off Blazin' Squad, and Bert off - sorry - Gareth Gates.

Has to be said, they all look super pumped (especially Kenzie) to be part of the project... To be fair, they're all digging deep to divulge traumas to promote the show. Dane and Bert are clearly still summoning the courage to address their encounters with Jordan/Katie Price/two raging mammaries.