From Russell's vicar 'story' to this…

Last April, at the opening of the Indian Premiere League, Katy Perry and some Aussie cricketer called Doug engaged in an onstage act which scandalised the Indian community. Their display was deemed "indecent" so now the matter is being brought to court.

Australian site, reports: "Madras High Court, in southern India, ordered a hearing on the accusations on July 31, although the superstars will not be required to attend because they have not yet been formally charged. The court was acting on a 'public interest' complaint filed by a lawyer which alleged the opening show of the Indian Premier League (IPL) in April was 'obscene and lascivious, appealing to prurient interest'."

The Sun added that the show also "distracted students who were writing exams at the time".

So what did they do exactly? Doug put his arms around Katy to demonstrate the correct way to swing his bat. I blame Katy's face.

Somewhere, Madonna's booking flights to India.