It's not like Katy Perry to draw attention to herself... What could've just been a cursory wave hello, turned into a table diving exercise in the middle of a packed restaurant.

Perry was so horrified by the prospect of confronting ex husband Russell Brand during a romantic meal with boyfriend John Mayer at the Polo Lounge in Beverly Hills that she felt the urge to duck under her table to avoid him.

A source told The Sun: "As soon as Katy saw Russell she hid under the table. When he was directed to one far away she emerged. John threw some money on the table and they headed to the back door and their waiting car. Russell didn't seem to see a thing but everyone in the restaurant saw what happened."

Just last month Katy, 28 and Russell, 37, were spotted at the Los Angeles Lakers basketball season opening game where they were seated at opposite ends of the VIP area and reportedly didn't speak at all.

However, just days later the comedian made an effort to show he still cares for his ex-wife - who he split from in December 2011 - by buying her a gold cuff for her recent birthday as well as sending her a "handmade meditation cushion."

A source explained: "Even though they've broken up, Russell wanted to send Katy something. He thought it would be nice to let her know he's thinking of her."

Russell's mum Barbara also remembered her former daughter-in-law's birthday, sending her flowers and a card to her Los Angeles home.

See, that's where being nice gets you.