And who could blame her after John Mayer and Russell Brand. Then again, it would help if current beau, Diplo, chose not to take pot shots at Taylor Swift's bottom. There's nothing low profile about that. 

The singer is reportedly keen to keep her romance with the DJ as private as possible as she "wants it to work." So no joint interviews / perfume promotions / Kimye dissing on Ellen to look forward to. Shame. 

A source told "Diplo is still a part of her life, but she is keeping it very, very private. After Russell and John, she doesn't want to have the same media storm she had with them because that took a toll on those relationships and really was a main reason for the trouble. They are still involved but she is being very closed off on this because she wants it to work."

The 30-year-old singer is also said to be reluctant to become heavily involved with Diplo's one-month-old son, Lazer, with his ex Kathryn Lockhart. While Katy has met the tot, she is reportedly keen to keep her distance and has refused to take part in any "decision making" regarding the youngster, with the source adding: "They want it that way. She has met Lazer, but is involved in zero decision making with the child."

Why is this even a thing? I'm not sure what "decision making" would be required of her to be honest - would she put a call through to Kathryn announcing "It's time to change his diaper, and have you considered writing letters to pre-schools yet? You really should get on it. His next feed is in 45 minutes so you have a window."