Instead of listening to all the hype, all the relentless rumours (and, to be fair, what appears to be pictorial evidence supporting the alleged canoodling) involving her boyfriend Orlando Bloom and his alleged repeat dalliance with Selena Gomez in Vegas a few days ago, Katy Perry appears to be standing by her man and his achievements. Observe. 

While she may have a point, there are still reports circulating regarding Orlando and Selena's love in - seemingly they left the club together. In video footage obtained (by who else but) TMZ, the pair are seen "making a beeline" for an SUV.

According to Us Weekly, Orlando and Selena were just heading off for some burgers... "Nothing happened. It was totally nothing and harmless with Selena. He was in town and came to say ‘Hi’ to their manager. That night, they all left in the same car with their manager, got hamburgers and then each went home separately."

See, as the saying goes, why stop out for burgers when you've got steak at home...