After the runaway success of Kim Kardashian's mobile game, there are a few more celebs apparently looking to get in on the act, one of them being Katy Perry. 

Perry's Super Bowl half-time show has been all the rage on social media since Sunday (left shark, etc.) meaning that she's so hot right now, as the kids say. That may be the reason why Glu Mobile, who were the creative minds behind Kim Kardashain's mobile game, have decided that Katy also deserves to be portrayed n pixel form on the small screens of our phones and tablets. 

The new game will focus on Perry's rise to fame, looking at her career in the music business, and will feature her "voice, likeness, and personality" as well as letting gamers explore "a digital playground of global success and talent". 

Speaking about the new game, Glu Mobile CEO Niccolo de Masi said "she is a cultural icon and we expect to translate key elements of her success into an innovative, highly entertaining mobile experience".

Given that Kim's effort has had users buying a reported $75 million in 'K coins' in the game and been downloaded over 28 million times, something tells us Katy Perry is probably also in line for a bit of a payday if even a fraction of her social media followers get their hands on this. Besides, if they make a left shark dance challenge level then hell, we'd even buy it. Now that we've said that though, if it does end up in the game, then we want royalties.  

Via The Verge