Yep, that's a grand's worth of Nandos in her teeth there. Indeed it did have to be Nandos....

The Roar roarer appeared to have worked up quite the appetite after she kicked off her Prismatic world tour at the Odyssey Arena in Belfast as she treated herself to a tasty take-out from "Portuguese" restaurant chain.

The 29-year-old put in a massive order for her and her entourage, which included (I hope you're not hungry) 32 whole chickens, 20 chicken wraps, 80 helpings of spicy rice, 80 servings of garlic bread, 80 corn on the cobs, 80 tubs of macho peas, 15 roasted portabello mushroom & grilled halloumi wraps, and a side order of coleslaw and houmous. Easily done.

Tina Sloan, the manager of Nando's on Bedford Street, told the Daily Mirror: "We're over the moon that Katy requested Nando's during her trip to Belfast. As massive Katy Perry fans, all the team were really excited when the order came through. We hope the PERi-PERi chicken wasn't too hot for her."

A member of staff from the local Nando's restaurant delivered the generous order to the Arena. No word on how much of a tip said staff member got.

Meanwhile, Katy has another 17 dates to perform across the UK before she makes her way across the pond to the US, before finishing up her tour in Australia.

As for her Belfast dates, well, we just happen to have a review right here written by our MD. He's a MASSIVE Katy Perry fan...