Oi, Ditto, your favourite bandwagon hopper is banging on about teasing you lesbians, again.

Perry, who for reasons known only to The Sunday Times editor, was featured in their style magazine yesterday, and had such pearls as these to spill:

"I have talked a lot about wanting to kiss girls, but am I a lesbian? No. It's just a kiss. I would like to get it on with Agyness Deyn. She's a little punk-rock Lolita. Beautiful face, beautiful shoulders. I look at her and I think, 'Ooh, I'm so turned on. What's happening?'... I get hit on when I go to gay clubs, but I hit on women too. Beautiful ones. I'm attracted to cool, alternative women. But I'd only ever have a drink with them. I'm such a tease! It's a girl thing. If you sat a group of teenage girls down and asked them, they would be like, 'Yeah, duh, I've kissed my best friend before. What's the big deal?'"

Over to you, Beth. It might also interest you to learn that Agyness alleged wore the face off some "mystery brunette" at Madame JoJo's in London over the weekend. A source said the randomer sidled up to the bar and bellowed "I just snogged Agyness Deyn on the dancefloor, can you believe that?" Yes. Yes I can. It's what those of limited intellect resort to in order to stay "relevant."