Including a marriage proposal, a puke, some food and an altercation with the police, in that order apparently. The Sun is reporting that Katie Price, her new fellah Leandro Penna, hit the town along with her crew who evidently follow her everywhere and to say it was eventful would be an understatement.

According to the red top, Katie and co began the night at a karaoke bar (in which case I hope she didn't take centre stage and lash out a few tunes). Next stop, a nightclub where her ex Dane Bowers was and (apparently) she proceeded to empty he contents of her stomach into a nearby fire place. Classy burrd. She then began to feel a little hungry, which can happen after a regurgitation, as her next venue of choice was a restaurant. Somewhere in between all this, the paper claims that Katie asked Leandro to marry her. A source says Katie kept saying; "Marry me. Come on, why don't we just get married?" Has she not realised that that's where she's been going wrong in the past - rushing into it? I hope she didn't have pukie breathe which would have made the experience even more special for the guy. To end the night, her friends got into a spot of bother with the police after one of the waiting photographers claimed Price's mates spat in his face.

In response to this educating story, Katie took to Twitter and tweeted: "Gordon Smart defo not SMART in the sun newspaper another made up bulls**t story where do these people get there crap from' bad journalism." (sic) You tell 'em sista.

Although, and this is just my opinion but, if she constantly gets so annoyed with these 'mad up stories' then why give the press any ammunition? It's pretty easy to just go out, have a few beers, go home, live a quiet life with the kids and not get crap written about you everyday in the press. Don't act the maggot and do silly things and life will be a lot easier, that's a fact right there.

Alicia Coyle