Katie Taylor's dream for the Rio Olympics was knocked out of her hands in just eight minutes today as the Bray fighter lost to Finland's Mira Potkonen,  in what was a painstakingly close fight.

Speaking to RTE Sport afterwards, Katie was clearly devastated and fought back the tears as she explained how she felt confident going into the fight and that she 'prepared very well'.

"I thought she probably won the second round the but the other three rounds went my way, again it’s a very close fight," Katie said. "It’s just very disappointing, I should be beating those girls. I don’t know what to say about it really."

Taylor went on to say; "I’d just like to thank everyone for their support, their prayers, and I’m so humbled by that. It’s still such a privilege to be here and I just have to thank everyone for their support."

You'll always be gold to us, Katie.