So this panto is still trundling on, in case you feared Katie Price had decided to tackle her marriage woes in private, or something.

Kieran Hayler has apparently written a letter to Katie Price's former best friend dismissing their affair as just a "dirty, sleazy sh*g." We had been led to believe by Pountney's husband - Derrick - that it had just been a kiss that got all blown out of proportion. Derrick has since left Jane so we can assume it was the "full blown sexual affair" Katie had first declared it to be.

Builder/part time stripper, Kieran, who has admitted sleeping with 49-year-old Jane Pountney, is still desperate to win back his pregnant wife Katie, and insists he is seeking help at a rehab clinic for a compulsive addiction.

In a letter seen by The Sun, Kieran tells Jane: "I told you everything you wanted to hear so I could sleep with you. And that's all it was, a dirty, sleazy sh*g to feed an addiction that I am ashamed to say I have. But I am going to get help because I love Kate with all my heart and I do not want to lose her and I want us to be stronger than ever once this all passes... I was never ever going to leave Kate for you. I am so glad we got caught because now I can get help and I can start a new fresh life with Katie with good people in our life and positive future."

The 27 year old claims he wrote the letter during £2,500-a-day rehab sessions, which he started last week, and he insists having therapy has helped him to realise he has a "compulsive addiction."

Kieran is still hopeful he can repair Katie's broken heart and save their marriage/arrangement, after tying the knot last year, for the sake of their nine-month-old son Jett, as well as Katie's 3 children from past relationships.

36-year-old Katie, however, has slammed her husband and Jane again on (where else but) Twitter, after reading Kieran's tell-all interview, in which he revealed the pair had unprotected sex in Katie's stables and on a family holiday during their seven-month affair.