Oh good Lord... it's finally happened. Katie Price's boobs have imploded. Or reached such planetary proportions they took off into space. That or she's had a reduction. This is one of the main stories featured in The Sun today, the kind of story I usually scoff at but it's worth bringing to your attention if you happen to be the type that would consider paying wads of money to look like your carting around two baby elephants under conjoined marquees. Behemoth boobs of the plastic variety are officially out of fashion - and we have Katie Price to thank for that. It's about time she did something good for the world after all the reality/talk shows, attempts at singing, and the WORST sex tape ever. Further commending would be warranted if her miraculously dissipating breasts weren't slowly making their way towards her lips. Shame, she just can't leave the plastic be. And, for those of you who presumed a Jordan without boobs would be utterly redundant - check out the unnerving throng of onlookers surrounding her in LA. "Oooooh, look! It's the European version of our painfully thin, surgically scarred blowfish with no discernable talent thingy! Quick, take its picture!" We live in a strange world.